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Bordeaux clairet

Château Lamothe de Haux - Clairet


10 000 bottles

- Merlot (50%),
- Cabernet Franc (50%)

At the end of the Hundred Years' War, the English (who occupied the Aquitaine region for 300 years) were obliged to surrender and go home. However, their presence was very helpful to trade with Britain and created a craze for Bordeaux wine, or "claret" on the English market. Today's "clairet" is reminiscent of the wine shipped in those days.

wine making
It is a kind of rosé that starts off being made like a red wine. After maceration lasting 24-48 hours, about 10% of the juice is "bled off" from vats. It is thus more deeply-coloured and full-bodied than a regular rosé wine. The appellation Bordeaux Clairet is strictly restricted to this type of wine. Our Clairet has a magnificent, brilliant, joyous colour as well as a fine bouquet with cherry aromas. It is very smooth and aromatic on the palate.

food pairing
Perfect wine when served at 8-10°C with meats or exotic cuisine.

ageing potential
Best enjoyed young (2 years).