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The team



Since 1956, 3 generations of the same family have managed Château Lamothe: first of all the Perriquets, then the Néels, and now the Chombarts. Succession has always passed through the female side, which explains the different names. Château Lamothe is a family concern, and we do our best to inspire and share our enthusiasm with our employees. While every person does several jobs, each one has a speciality. Damien oversees the entire estate and often travels abroad to promote our wines. Maria stays at Lamothe most of the time and is in charge of preparing orders and organising shipments. Anne Néel is responsible for sales to private customers and works on the production side, both in the vineyard and cellars.

The rest of the team consists of Françoise & Caroline in the office, Stéphane for the Technical Management, Laura in the cellar,  Loulou and Joël in the labelling room, and Chloé, Carole, Bruno, Fabien and Nouredine in the vines. Everyone is motivated to do their best, and several have followed in their parents' footsteps – further examples of different generations who have chosen to live and work at Lamothe!