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The underground cellars

Chai barriques

Thirty-five million years ago, the Aquitaine region was covered with water. As the aeons passed, with profound changes to climate and geology, the water receded and left a deposit: layers of limestone (in which mammoth fossils have been found!). This limestone was naturally used as a building material by our ancestors. In fact, there are traces of troglodyte homes at Lamothe dug out of solid rock during the Middle Ages. In the 17th century, quarries were excavated on the estate to construct the château as well as other buildings in the vicinity of Bordeaux. It was only logical that the underground galleries should be used as an ageing cellar. Why build one when there was one already there? It is not only full of history but also features a cool, even temperature all year round. Located some 30 metres under the surface, the humidity is perfect. There is also a total absence of light and a profound silence...

The first gallery has an almost religious atmosphere. It contains 300 barrels in which the red wine ages for 12 to 18 months. Another, larger gallery houses bottles for slow, gentle ageing.